The World is what you see

21 Oct

the world is what you see

the world is what you see

“Your thoughts are your reality” – I am told this in everything I am reading, studying, hearing, watching…it must be true!

I’m not sure what to believe anymore, and as they all say “fear” will bring us back to what is comfortable, our old thoughts and habits.

I’m trying to do my best to live in the present, to live in the moment, to enjoy every second, and forget about the past and stop worrying about the future. I realize now that I have many problems that I have always had. Many things that have happened in my life have created the way that I have become. But I don’t have to continue to let those things hurt me. I can change, just like everyone else can.

The information is just overwhelming, and the constant realizations that I have thought the wrong way for so long is really hard to deal with sometimes, but it’s okay. Nothing can change overnight, so neither can I. Patience is a virtue right now. Slowly, day by day it will get better – it is just fighting everything inside of me to not resort back to my old ways of thinking and seeing the world. It is much easier to drown in sorrow, and feel like the world is against you – than it is to say, “I create my own reality”.

Some of this is hard for me to believe right now, because I did not choose for many of the things that have happened in my life – however if our thoughts really do create our reality, then who knows…All I know is now I am starting to believe, and I am being positive (trying to at least) and much more hopeful of the good that is to come. I am experiencing a change in my attitude, and beginning to see results. I feel as if I keep going on this journey, and continue to learn, and read, and write, and listen – I will create the life that I want, and in doing so the world I envision.

We are only responsible for ourselves, and so only ourselves we can change. We can change our thoughts, our dreams, our lives, and our routines. Knowing this now, puts me at ease. I still struggle with what others are doing around me, but that too shall pass (I hope.)

Sticking with it is the hard part, but just like the rest – patience…move slow…believe…I have nothing to lose.


One Response to “The World is what you see”

  1. beyondthewalls13 at 2:35 pm #

    Hello Inspire4better, I appreciate you sharing your honest thoughts, you know one of the key elements people around the globe fail at is self evaluation even looking into things deeper and finding out truth for themselves. Many hear a rumor and run with it, pointing fingers, playing the infamous blame game. This must stop, the only way things around us can change is when when look into that mirror and evaluate self. You, dear friend, have accomplished something many are afraid to and that’s to to do self re justification. Yes, there are sooo many lies and cover up and people just believe it. The education system in itself is corrupt, Scientist lying to children making them believe a world that one thousands of years young is millions of years old. They convince people we are an evolution of apes and yet have no proof of this at all, their main focus is to discredit the bible and when proven wrong they decide to make up their own theory and then put it into the world. Not all of it is lies at the same time and that make it difficult to determine what is what. But when you develop self, expand your way of thinking and implement prayer in your life. That small voice inside of you will tell you what’s what, you develop this intuition or what I like to call discernment to help you and prevent you from being fooled. Ever had a situation when you were in a good mood and you walked into a room of people and you just felt that negativity? whether with one or many persons? Its the same with everything around us, you can be that in tuned with yourself that you will be able to sense b.s. when you see or eve read about it. Yes, It is true, if you change your thoughts, your world will change, there are people who wake up on the wrong side of the bed and proclaim with their mouths how bad their day is going to be, before it even begins. Then when they leave the house it appears like everything has gone wrong, its because they spoke negative into existence, how do you know the day will be bad if you haven’t experienced it yet. You could of been blessed with good things but it turned into something else because of a thought. Whatever you have faith in will show up. So, stay encouraged, you off to a great start, no its not easy, but it will make your victory so much more sweeter because you mastered your own life. I want to share a link with you, which blew my mind and I am sure will cause you to think; after you watch it, look the speaker “Bruce Malone” up, he’s a scientist/engineer who exposes whats goes on behind the scenes in the scientist world and makes it his mission to re-educate people and expose the truth. I pray this is beneficial to you, again thank you and keep moving forward. God Bless

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