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Image 31 Jul

truth. be nice

Video 31 Jul

did the whole 10 mile loop – felt grrrreat! (at Backbay Trail)

Video 31 Jul

sit in nature, and think for a bit – its modern day magic, used to be apart of everyone’s life not that long ago (at Back Bay Trail)

Image 31 Jul

each day, find a quiet/nice place (outside with a view preferably) and think about what’s important to you, and how you can be better to yourself (at Back Bay Trail)

Image 31 Jul

feed your brain the food it needs, it will change your life everyday. what we out in our body effects everything about us. be careful, be smart

Image 31 Jul

expand your compassion and the world will be a better place (at Back Bay Trail)

Image 31 Jul

even overcast the best way to start the day..and now I have a bike to ride the whole bay, thank boss! (at Back Bay Trail)

Image 31 Jul

birds eye view (at Upper Newport Bay – Ecological Reserve)

Image 31 Jul

run til it hurts (at Upper Newport Bay – Ecological Reserve)

Image 30 Jul

all I do is walk it out (at Upper Newport Bay – Ecological Reserve)

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